About Montagu Wines

Montagu Wines is a family owned company founded by Weston Eidson which came about as a result of work with Jason Moore from Modus Operandi Cellars during the 2012 Napa harvest. Along with Jason’s help and a phenomenal 2012 vintage, the excitement of winemaking helped Weston turn his love for wine into his own company – Montagu Wines. A dream turned reality, Weston’s hard work and enthusiasm for the winemaking industry has led to a collection of wonderfully balanced and innovative wines.

Weston Eidson, the founder of Montagu Wines. Weston Eidson, the founder of Montagu Wines.

From Our Founder

Montagu Wines is a tribute to my great grandfather John, the second Lord Montagu of Beaulieu and a British automotive pioneer who was the first person to drive an automobile into Parliament and whose assistant served as the model for the iconic Rolls Royce hood ornament known as the Spirit of Ecstasy.

His son, and my great uncle Edward, the third Lord of Montagu, continues his father’s legacy having founded the British National Motor Museum and also works tirelessly to promote the heritage and preservation of British history. Also a lover of wine, he produces his own from a vineyard he has planted in Southern England.

Both my great grandfather and great uncle have led innovative and adventurous lives and it is my hope that you discover this spirit in each bottle of Montagu Wines.

Lord Montagu, as depicted in an 1896 issue of Vanity Fair magazine.